How to pronounce my name

English speakers almost always have trouble pronouncing my name, so here is a little guide.


My first name

It's really quite simple: /jɔs/. However, each phoneme has been misprounced (j,ɟ,dʒ), (ɔ,o), (s,ʃ, z), and I have encountered almost every possible combination of these. While I believe nothing whatsoever in my name hints at France, I have also been thought to be French, thus being called /ʒoː/.

If you are not a linguist, and the above symbols make no sense to you, I think the closest English homophone is "Yoss".

My last name

My last name, interestingly, is easy to pronounce in English. The Dutch pronunciation is /'tɛ.lɪŋs/ (with unaspirated /t/). However, I quite like the English pronuncation, /'thɛ.lɪŋz/, and I am welcoming your using it.