IPA[guide]Jos Tellings

Ph.D. in Linguistics (2016, UCLA)

I am a post-doctoral researcher associated with the Time in Translation project at Utrecht University. I'm a semanticist, working on topics such as focus, conditionals, intonation, and tense.

Recent news:


My dissertation "Counterfactuality in discourse" (UCLA, June 2016) investigates the effect of discourse on counterfactual inferences in conditionals. I provide novel data that illustrate the focus-sensitivity of counterfactual inferences: in combination with certain focus particles, and when pronounced with certain intonation contours, counterfactual conditionals do not trigger some counterfactual inferences that would otherwise arise. In the analysis I propose, the link between the topic-focus structure of conditionals and the generation of counterfactual inferences lies in the pragmatic phenomenon of conditional perfection (the strengthening of conditionals into biconditionals).