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  • Linguex, philex and expex: see my comparison page on numbered examples in LaTeX.
  • biblatex
    An extremely feature-rich reimplementation of the bibliography features of LaTeX. If a latex package has a 322 page manual, you know it’s serious.
    Also see my APA style modification package that works with biblatex.
  • natbib
    A much simpler package, good for author-year citations. See here for the useful reference sheet.
  • custom-bib
    Tool for making your own bibliography style (old style). This is for the most picky people out there, as there are a lot of options. If you are the sort of person that can’t stop wavering about the right font of “et al.”, this is your package.
  • JabRef
    A wonderful open-source Java (hence cross-platform) tool for managing BibTEX bibliographies.

  • the comprehensive Latex symbol list
    I always like to use obscure LaTeX symbols in my writings. This document is the definite overview of all symbols various packages have to offer, from quadruple integrals to laundry symbols and Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    Egyptian mathematics with LaTeX


    A command-line Latin - English dictionary (Linux / Windows), which includes all morphology. So you can give it inflected words or verbs, and it will tell you what case or tense it is.
  • SZTAKI Szótár
    Good quality online Hungarian dictionary to six languages, including English and Dutch.
  • Debreceni Nyári Egyetem (Debrecen Summer School)
    Well-known summer school to learn Hungarian, operates since 1927. Personally recommended.