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About me

I took undergraduate degrees in linguistics and mathematics at Utrecht University. In 2008 I went to Oxford to read for an MSc in mathematics, and subsequently I moved to “the other place” to take an MPhil in Linguistics. Merton College, Oxford

In 2011 I moved to California, where I started my Ph.D. at UCLA. I received my Ph.D. in 2016, and subsequently became a Lecturer at UCLA, and then a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Connecticut. After a decade of academic wandering, I finally came back to Utrecht in 2018.

  • Two painters I like: Claude Monet, Edward Hopper. "View of Bordighera" by Claude Monet; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

  • Two works of music I like: Beethoven's piano sonata no. 30, Opus 109 in E major; Schubert's piano trio no. 1, Opus 100.

  • Two pieces of writing I like: Shakespeare's sonnet 30; "Meeting at Night" (Robert Browning).

  • I am a great fan of Oxford and Cambridge, both of which I was so fortunate to attend. I was at Merton College, Oxford, founded back in 1264, with a beautiful medieval library and dining Hall, splendid gardens overlooking the Christ Church Meadows, and a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

    At Cambridge I was a member of Trinity College, the college known for its extensive grounds, its wealth and its famous alumni including Newton, Russell and Wittgenstein.

Trinity College, Cambridge
Westwood, Los Angeles
  • I have visited 34 independent countries, 38 states of the U.S., 42 TCC items, and 152 items on the MTP list.

  • My Erdős number is (at most) 10. The curious route, winding through Chickasaw phonetics, facial signal animation, tree-adjoining grammars, and (inevitably) combinatorics, goes as follows: Tellings → Munro Ladefoged Jun → Venditti Stone Webber Joshi Rao Kosaraju Aronov Erdős.

  • My editorial-Erdős number (Erdős number where links are co-authorships or co-editorships) is (at most) 5:
    Tellings Paperno Keenan Stavi Herzog Erdős